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Groove Apps

Groove apps provide all the groove software, groove tools, and essential functions a company needs to succeed on the Internet, whether it is a traditional business preparing to go online or an established digital company.

The same is true for network marketers who realize they need to become online marketers to stay current. Groove™ tools available in the Free version of GrooveFunnels™, such as groove email, groove pages, groovekart, and groovesell allow online businesses to grow.

Are you ready to understand why Groove Apps are Essential to Building an Online Business?

Why GrooveFunnels™ is the Best Choice to Build your Online Business?

A Google search to find online marketing tools offers an endless list of marketing software companies and applications. Tools to create websites, build sales funnels, develop shopping carts, and automate email campaigns show up in any online marketing tool search.

However, only one technology platform, GrooveFunnels™ offers all a business needs with 17 groove apps insuring success for online and network marketer with one technology platform. GrooveFunnels™ offers the best groove software needed to build an online business since it offers a full Customer Relations Management (CRM) program.

 Are you ready to access these groove tools to convert visitors to a website into mlm leads and then to customers or business builders within a competitive online environment?

Why Choose the Free Version of GrooveFunnels™?

The Free version of GrooveFunnels™ offers an amazing array of groove apps. Even if you do not have technical knowledge, groove software offers simplified drag-and-drop functions so businesses can create professional-looking websites and sales funnels without hiring web designers.

Businesses can easily use these groove tools to sell unlimited products and create sales funnels, branded websites, custom domain names, blogs, and videos.  It is truly astonishing to see all of these different software packages and groove apps offering network marketing training in one place for Free.

Are you ready to become a member of GrooveFunnels™ by signing up for the Free version by clicking on the button below?

Groove software helps online and network marketers reduce the cost and complexity of managing multiple tools needed to succeed on the web. Click on the button below to access your Free Groove™ account!  Let's explore the 17 Groove Apps in the next section.

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GroovePages™ serves as the foundation for GrooveFunnels™ since this is one of the best groove tools to create professional funnels, websites, and landing pages. With this groove app serving as a funnel builder, any online marketer or business can secure high conversion rates when selling products online.

Groove Pages helps online businesses manage the sales process while boosting sales through unlimited sales funnels. Simple navigation features mean GroovePages™ websites function well while building a brand.

Various templates available on this groove software offer easy-to-use drag-and-drop functions to create engaging and professional funnels, websites, landing pages, and sales pages to promote products and services.


This essential groove tool is a well-designed, easy-to-manage sales system, which works similar to Shopify™, SamCart™, or PayKickStart™ with customized checkout pages, shopping carts, upsells, and order bumps.

Through this groove app, online professionals create a personal online store to sell digital products and services. 

GrooveSell™, as a groove software, offers great data analytics to ensure optimum performance as businesses sell products online.


GrooveAffiliate™, another groove software, provides a flexible and robust affiliate management tool to enhance the revenue generated from promoting products and services as an affiliate. This groove tool allows online businesses to create a group of affiliate marketers to promote their companies, products, and services.

Groove Funnels members even as individuals can manage their own group of affiliate marketers to promote their products or services.  Through this groove app, business owners can offer individualized affiliate commission rates and create custom tracking links for advertising campaigns and promotions linked to their affiliate program.

Are you ready to use this groove tool to build your business through an affiliate program?


Through this groove app, GrooveMail™, businesses can automate 3 to 7 emails within an email campaign to convert visitors and mlm leads into customers. This robust groove software also sends broadcast emails along with voice SMS and text messages.

GrooveMail™ functions as a full email marketing system. Customized automated email messages within this groove tool relate directly to the behaviors of each recipient. If a recipient does not access an email, groove mail can be programmed to send a follow-up message.

Are you ready to use Groove Mail to analyze and track all your email messages to boost conversion rates?  If so, this is the groove app for you.


GrooveMember™ provides interactive membership sites to offer courses and content management systems to attract visitors online. Through this groove app, virtual meetings, member gatherings, and online courses become easy to schedule and implement through easy-to-create landing pages and websites using the groove software drag-and-drop features.

This groove software offers tremendous flexibility to adjust offers made to visitors and customers. For instance, groove member can select individuals for paid or free access through the gated member area.

GrooveFunnels™ allows GrooveMember™ to integrate the delivery of courses with GrooveMail™, GrooveAffiliate™, and GrooveSell™ to demonstrate its strength as a groove crm platform.


Creating videos allows online and network marketers an opportunity to build trust and offer valuable information to their mlm leads and customers. GrooveVideo™ serves as one of the most important groove tools since it automates the process and increases lead generation.

Groove Video makes it easy to share videos on social media platforms with personalized player controls and auto-play options to add a call to action, tags, and prompts to the entire system.  Businesses using WordPress blogs find an easy connection with this groove app to upload videos to enhance engagement and reduce bounce rates.

GrooveVideo™ interfaces with GroovePages™ to easily embed videos on websites, landing pages, or funnels to boost traffic to the site.


GrooveKart™ provides the best e-commerce platform through this groove software. However, GrooveKart™ simplifies the process by combining all the needed software tools in one package to make sure the system runs smoothly. 

This groove app is similar to Shopify™. However, Shopify™ charges a monthly fee, while you get this app Free with GrooveFunnels™.

Can you see how you can reduce your monthly fees by using groovekart for free? 


GrooveAutomations™ allows you to connect groove software with over 1,000 outside apps, such as Google Text to Speech, Eventbrite, or Instagram to name only a few of the options allowing online businesses to create powerful marketing campaigns through groove software.

This groove app uses triggers to prompt an immediate action or schedule a future action to give businesses great flexibility.  Actions can have multiple steps established through specific conditions.

Are you ready to use this groove software to easily and intelligently automate workflow throughout the sales process?


GrooveProof™ is similar to Provely, which allows businesses and online marketers to add a popup widget to a domain to display lead or sales notifications.

The purpose of GrooveProof™ is to increase conversion rates by engaging with customers in a new and creative way through this groove software and popup widgets.

Popups can be customized to the company's site to convert leads into customers in a seamless automated groove app system.


GrooveBlog alters how people publish content online. This groove app makes it easy to post valuable content and facilitates the process of ranking blog posts high on Google.

Groove Blog integrates seamlessly through the groove blog editor with WordPress, which can be a huge advantage if a business has an established blog platform. This function supports businesses when they run advertising campaigns or want to post blogs periodically.

Can you see how creating original content will increase traffic to your website and funnels? Get access to GrooveBlog™ Free and 16 other groove apps HERE


GrooveDesk™ offers customer support through responsive helpdesk software to improve communication with customers and visitors. Support tickets organized in separate categories focus on sales, billing, and technical support so customers receive quick responses to their concerns.

Through Groove Desk, a team of professionals collaborates to solve customer issues and concerns.  Since all conversations are stored on the cloud this groove app provides easy access to download and analyze the process. 

Groove desk works well with GrooveSell™ to get access to customer profiles, billing, and transaction history; GrooveMember™ so your customer has a seamless experience; and GrooveMail™ to facilitate the process.


Online marketers and business owners need an online calendar to connect with prospects, customers, and team members. Groove Calendar offers a great groove tool to support building an online business.

GrooveCalendar™ interfaces with GrooveMail™ to book recurring or individual appointments and facilitate email communication, such as meeting reminders. This calendar activates email campaign sequences so you can target the right prospects at the perfect time with this groove software.

Notifications through this groove app confirm sessions, allow for rescheduling or cancellation, and send evaluation forms to monitor the success of all events.

GrooveWebinar™ for Live Webinars

GrooveWebinar™ for Live Webinars allows multiple presenters to share live video and audio through Webinar landing page templates to interface with GroovePages™ for easy access.  Similar to Gotowebinar™ and Webinarjam™, this groove software offers advanced and interactive features.

Two viewing options using the camera, screen, or both are available with GrooveWebinar™. This groove app offers password protection to secure webinar rooms within the platform ensuring confidence in the system.

The other groove apps, such as GrooveMail™, coordinate easily with GrooveWebinar™.

GrooveWebinar™ for Automated Webinars

The other webinar format, GrooveWebinars™ for Automated Webinars, makes it easy to schedule recurring webinars. 

This groove software quickly activates webinars with one click and provides data on how long people stay on the webinar, engage in chats, and when they leave the session.

Are you ready to use templates incorporated into this groove software to manage live events with ease?


GrooveStreaming™, similar to Stream Yard™, makes it easy to stream live to Facebook and YouTube. Through this groove app, online marketers can conduct interviews or hold live summits about products and company opportunities while sharing the computer screen.

Groove Streaming allows businesses and online marketers to share their message with the world. At the same time, this groove app increases engagement with your customers so more people view offers and products.

A call to action can easily be added to your live event through this groove software.


GrooveSurvey™ provides an interactive groove tool to engage and connect online businesses with prospects and customers similar to Survey Monkey. Surveys through this groove app interface easily with websites and sales funnels to further the level of engagement with customers and mlm leads.

Groove Survey provides groove software to use multiple choice questions and statements to convert leads to customers while promoting new products or services.

Groove survey, as a groove app, creates excellent surveys tailored to each website while interfacing with GrooveMail™ to build lists of leads and customers to automate email campaigns including the sharing of survey results.


GrooveQuiz™ focuses through this groove software on increasing customer engagement on websites, landing pages, and social media through online quizzes and tests.

Online quizzes are easily customized to ensure businesses establish themselves as trusted authorities within their sector and marketplace.

This groove software allows a business to capture personal information from mlm leads and customers to build a vibrant and interactive database.


GrooveFunnelMapping™ allows businesses to map domains and sales funnel strategies from start to finish.

This groove app allows businesses to map out visually the entire sales funnel strategy and measure the performance of each funnel to adjust plans and goals through data analysis by using spreadsheets and charts.

Businesses and online marketers can use this Groove Funnel Mapping to create goals and objectives that fit the perfect sales funnel through data analytics.

GroovePipe™ CRM

GroovePipe™ CRM, similar to Pipedrive™, offers a full visual representation of all the steps a lead follows during the sales process. Rather than focusing on the final sale, Groove Pipe allows businesses to pay attention to all of the actions needed to complete the sale.

An action for GroovePipe™ CRM as one of the groove tools includes any step getting the customer closer to a sale, such as a phone call, an email exchange, or a meeting. By coordinating automated admin tasks with other groove apps GroovePipe™ reminds you when to perform the next action in the sales process.

No need to guess what you want your customer to do to close a sale with GroovePipe™. Are you ready to optimize the sales process and grow your business?


GrooveSDK™ allows online marketers and business owners to create and integrate new applications with other groove software.

This groove app is similar to WordPress Developers Kit where you can create custom and interactive applications and websites.

Are you ready to use your creative side as an online or network marketer to create your own app?

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