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GrooveFunnels™ Review

GrooveFunnels™ is the most powerful, interactive, all-in-one technology platform for building traffic and funnels for network marketers building an online business. Through GrooveFunnels™, network marketers and online marketers create sales funnels, landing pages, and websites to sell products and services online.

It offers an integrated array of apps covering all of the functions you need for online marketers and network marketers to build and grow their businesses online. With GrooveFunnels™, leads become prospects and then convert to customers through this free web builder as illustrated in the graphic below.

As a result, GrooveFunnels™ has become a strong competitor to existing sales funnel builders, such as ClickFunnels™.

This groovefunnels review offers information on a network marketing funnel template to convert leads to prospects and then to customers.  As a person moves through the free web funnel they understand more about the power of GrooveFunnels™..

Building Traffic Through Web Pages and Sales Funnels

This GrooveFunnels™ review explains the value of the many software applications available through groove funnels pricing with a lifetime free account to convert leads to customers.

Network Marketers can build traffic and funnels through web pages, sales funnels, landing pages, and websites; create email marketing campaigns; send broadcast emails; offer a membership site; set up webinars; host videos; and post an online calendar link to name a few of the functions available through GrooveFunnels™.

This is the last online sales system network marketers need since the long list of groove apps offer an all-in-one software solution through this network marketing funnel template.  Plus groovefunnels free pricing cannot be beat, since it is so robust.

Offering a Complete Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System

GrooveFunnels™ is currently in the beta stage and offers an amazing opportunity with groovefunnels lifetime free account. Check out why GrooveFunnels is a game changer for network marketers HERE.

Now is the time to take advantage of the best Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system on the Internet without spending any money. Plus, as you build your business, you can always upgrade your account to get the functions you need.

Groove Funnels software applications offer you a full groove crm system all in one place. In fact, GrooveFunnels™ has decided to change its name as it launches to Groove.cm so it better represents the breath of its software platform.

GrooveFunnels™ gives you the best online sales system you ever need since the long list of groove apps comes in an all-in-one software solution. Plus groove funnels pricing cannot be beat, since it has a robust Free version.

Access Your Free GrooveFunnels™Acount

Who developed GrooveFunnels™?

A team with a background of delivering quality, reliable, creative software created this one-stop-shop for online and network marketers. 

Mike Filsaime, one of the co-founders of GrooveFunnels™, also developed WebinarJam™, EverWebinar™, and Kartra™.  His experience serves as proof of his ability to understand the needs of network marketers looking to build their businesses online.

As a result, Mike is known as an important player in the marketing and software industry since he developed so many revolutionary online tools.  GrooveFunnels™ is now poised to replace some of the tools Mike developed and sold, such as WebinarJab™ and Kartra™.

John Cornetta, the second co-founder of GrooveFunnels™, has demonstrated his expertise within the e-commerce industry by helping online marketers to grow their businesses.

With a wide range of experience within the digital marketing industry for over 20 years with about 50 companies, John has played an important role in creating GrooveFunnels™.

Mike Filsaime and John Cornetta created GrooveFunnels, the most powerful, all-in-one technology platform to grow your business online.

Why is there so much excitement around GrooveFunnels™?

Where else can you get 17 groove apps with this amazing groove funnels pricing, Free-for-Life, to support growing your business online? GrooveFunnels™ offers an excellent network marketing funnel template, which means this is the best tool for network marketers to build an online business.

You do not need to enter your credit card to access the free version. With GrooveFunnels™, you are getting the same functions for free that you would need to pay $99 a month or more on other platforms with excellent groove funnels pricing.

Get your free lifetime access to GrooveFunnels™ Here.

What makes GrooveFunnels™ stand out against the competition?

The web pages and sites built on GrooveFunnels™ load very fast.  As a result, your prospect accesses your site quickly and does not get discouraged to move on to another site.

Google also likes fast-loading websites, so it allows your site to be rated higher in this search engine to attract more customers and buyers.

Plus, groove funnels pricing and groove funnels free account means you can stretch your budget as you manage traffic and funnels all within groove funnels.

Is GrooveFunnels™ safe to use?

Yes, GrooveFunnels™ provides the best encryption known to man. You can feel confident your web sites, traffic and funnels, and pages are secure. A Free SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate is part of your membership with GrooveFunnels™.

A SSL certificate is a digital certificate to authenticate a website's identity and encrypt any information sent to your server. A SSL certificate operates as an electronic "passport" to establish an online entity's credentials in order to do business on the Web.

As your Internet server sends confidential information to another Web server, your browser establishes a secure connection.  This means your data is secure.

What Apps are included with GrooveFunnels™?

The Free version of GrooveFunnels™ pricing structure offers 17 different apps for your use. Each app has a different name. For instance, GroovePages™ lets you build full-featured websites, landing pages, and sales pages to connect traffic and funnels7

In the free web builder version of GroovePages™, you can build 3 sites. The paid versions give you options to build unlimited sites. GrooveMail™ is an email autoresponder. The free version gives you 500 emails to include on the platform, while the paid versions offer ever-increasing numbers of emails depending on the version you choose.

GrooveWebinar™ allows you to offer live webinars and host your webinars so you can share them with others. These are only a few of the options offered by GrooveFunnels™.

Is GrooveFunnels™ just a page and funnel builder?

No, GrooveFunnels™ is much more than a page and funnel builder since it manages traffic and funnels. As you can see from the 17 applications within GrooveFunnels™, you have access to every tool you need to succeed as an online or network marketer.  

The list below explores the various benefits of the groove free account.

What does the Free version of GrooveFunnels™ offer? 

  • Sell Unlimited Products Online with the Chance to Upsell  

  • Build Brand Websites with full navigation

  • Create Custom Domains to promote your services

  • Access Site Bandwidth and Hosting

  • Earn 20% to 40% Commissions in a Powerful Affiliate Program

  • Build a Membership Platform

  • Access Powerful Video Marketing

  • Create Blogs to Create Original Content

  • Post your Online Calendar

  • Set up a Help Desk for Customer Support

  • Conduct Surveys, Quizzes, and Webinars     

What is GrooveDigital™ Academy?

GrooveDigital™ Academy offers the GrooveFunnels™ member Free tutorials and trainings to maximize the use of the platform to manage traffic and funnels.

The extensive lists of videos explain how to use each software application included on groove funnels.

Through this e-learning platform all members have the resources to apply each app to their online business toolkit.

Why would I choose to pay for GrooveFunnels™?

As your business grows, you may need to have more functionality within GrooveFunnels™ to manage traffic and funnels. If you have a robust email list, 500 emails may not allow you to stay in touch with your customers, business builders, and contacts.

Plus, you may want to create more than 3 websites, funnels, landing pages, and sales pages. As a result, a paid version of GrooveFunnels™ will appeal to you.

As you have seen in this groove review, groove funnels pricing is competitive with other popular sales funnels, like ClickFunnels™.  Please sign up for the One-Time, Lifetime Platinum version of Groove HERE.

What would be the best option if I decide to get as a paid version of GrooveFunnels™?

The limited-time offer for a one-time fee Platinum account on GrooveFunnels™ provides you with an amazing financial opportunity.

With the one-time fee for the Platinum version of GrooveFunnels™, you no longer will have to pay monthly fees for all of the tools offered you through this amazing platform to manage traffic and funnels.

Click on the button below to get more information for the limited-time offer through groove funnels pricing structure to pay once for the Platinum version. Never have another monthly fee again for all of these amazing tools.

Access the One-time, Lifetime Platinum Version

Are there any bonuses when you sign up with me for your Free GrooveFunnels™ account?

Yes! If you sign up with my affiliate link for groove funnels, I will be by your side to make sure you can maximize the power of this platform to manage traffic and funnels.

In addition, you also get access to 3 training videos from Gloria MacDonald on how to use GroovePages™ and GrooveMail™. Gloria MacDonald trains network marketers to use the power of the Internet to become online marketers.

Plus, Gloria will make available for Free her course on 30 Days to Writing Killer Emails, Blogs, & Articles-a $79 value if you opt into a paid version of GrooveFunnels™.  This bonus makes using groove funnels more accessible.

Don't hesitate to sign up for this amazing Free-For-Life Version of GrooveFunnels™! You will not regret it. Imagine having all the tools you need to succeed as an Online Marketer for Free!

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