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GrooveFunnels™ vs. ClickFunnels™

Are you at a point in your online network marketing business where you realize you need a sales funnel builder to move your career forward?

Now, you need to figure out which one of the various options serves as the best builder funnel available. Do you choose GrooveFunnels™ vs. ClickFunnels™ to meet the needs of your online business? In my estimation, GrooveFunnels™ is a great clickfunnels alternative since it offers so many more functions all in one powerful, interactive online platform.

Clickfunnels templates cannot compare to the templates available through groove funnels. GrooveFunnels™ wins when you compare clickfunnels vs. the groove website . This review of both platforms will help you decide.

Let's get started and explore Internet Marketing between two major competitors by understanding what is a sales funnel.

What is a Sales Funnel and a Sales Funnel Builder?

A sales funnel guides visitors to your website through each step of the sales process. Through a sales funnel, you can offer your customer the product or service they need to solve their problem. At the same time, a sales funnel allows you to follow up with your leads and prospects once they leave your page.

A flexible and easy-to-use funnel builder helps network marketers and digital marketers build sales funnels to grow their businesses online. As a result, any entrepreneur who wants to become an online or digital marketer can use a builder funnel to promote their business on these various platforms.

Right now, groovefunnels vs. clickfunnels are two of the most popular companies offering a funnel builder.

What is GrooveFunnels™?

GrooveFunnels™ is the new kid on the block as a funnel builder. Currently in the beta stage, it offers an affordable web-based software funnel builder platform with a very robust Free version.

The Free version gives you the core features of one of the most popular sales funnel builders, ClickFunnels™. It offers many more applications and functions than ClickFunnels™ for a much lower price.

Are you ready to set up your Free-for-Life GrooveFunnels™ account? Click HERE for your Free Account if you have not already become a groove member.

How to Start a Network Marketing Business Online with GrooveFunnels™?

Groove Funnels has created an amazing builder funnel to help network marketers create a complete Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. As a result, groove funnels has become a strong competitor to existing sales funnel builders since it offers a complete groove crm system.

Yet, GrooveFunnels™ is more than a sales funnel builder for the network marketer. Through the GrooveFunnels™ platform, network marketers can also build websites, landing pages, and advertising campaigns as they utilize this builder funnel.

Plus, network marketers also get access to web, video, blog, and webinar hosting along with an email autoresponder, shopping cart, web-based memberships, and live streaming to name only a few of the products available on this system.

This platform offers an all-in-one suite of virtual tools and apps for network marketers to build a business online since they can manage their entire business through groove funnels.

What Stage is GrooveFunnels in its Development?

Even though GrooveFunnels™ is still in beta stage, the company is quickly operationalizing its various groove apps. Some of these apps will not be finished until 2021.

However, there is so much value and potential in the groove funnel platform, no one can deny the value of what this funnel builder offers.

The 18 apps included within the GrooveFunnels™platform cover all aspects of a company's marketing needs.  GroovePages™, GrooveSell™, GrooveAffiliate™, GrooveMail™, GrooveVideo™, GrooveMember™, GrooveDesk™, and GrooveCalendar™ are some of the software you get access to with the Free version of Groove™.

GrooveFunnels™ is a great ClickFunnels™ alternative. Click on the button below for the Free-For-Life version of GrooveFunnels™ with 17 apps to insure your success as an online marketer.  

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What is ClickFunnels™?

ClickFunnels™ was the first sales funnel builder to create an easy, fast, simple sales funnel. Through ClickFunnels™, online and network marketers can set up their websites to launch and create sales funnels. This software provides a friendly user-interface that is comprehensive and easy to understand and apply.

When you join ClickFunnels™, you get all the tools to convert leads into paying customers. Along with the excellent landing page builder and funnel builder, you also receive the following:  Affiliate Management System, Webinar Hosting Platform, Course Hosting Platform, Email Marketing Program , and Shopping Cart & Checkout System.

ClickFunnels™ offers online marketers a way to automate and control every part of the sales process to complete a purchase.

Does ClickFunnels™ Provide a Full Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System?

No, ClickFunnels™ does not offer a CRM system. ClickFunnels™ serves primarily as a sales funnel builder. As a result, it does not provide the same comprehensive business solution or CRM offered through GrooveFunnels™.  Groove crm serves as a great clickfunnels alternative.

ClickFunnels™ does offer a quick and comfortable way for digital entrepreneurs to build their websites without hiring or working with a team of web designers and creators. It features a plug-and-play set-up to test the strength of new websites or landing pages on the Internet.

Even though ClickFunnels™ makes editing and modifying web content easy with its collection of virtual tools and applications, it does not offer all the features available through GrooveFunnels™.  ClickFunnels™ does not provide a CRM system so the online marketer can get all of their software apps needed to succeed online for Free or for one monthly fee.

What Similarities Exist between GrooveFunnels™& ClickFunnels™?

Both GrooveFunnels™ and ClickFunnels™ do the same thing, serve as a funnel builder.

Thus, they have many similarities.  Below are the main benefits of both giving you access excellent builder funnels.

Let's explore those similarities.

Both GrooveFunnels™& ClickFunnels™ Offer

  • Ease of Use

  • Both platforms are easy to use, once you learn their functions.

  • Access to Funnel Templates

  • Multiple funnel templates on both platforms make it easy for anyone to create web sites and sales pages.

  • Online Course Membership

  • Allows entrepreneurs to create online courses and membership sites .

  • Affiliate Management Tool

  • Either platform creates affiliate management tools to create an affiliate program.

  • Sharing funnels with others

  • Both platforms allow online marketers to share funnels and evaluate the value of each funnel as needed.

  • Shopping carts.

  • Selling products and services online becomes easy with either of these platforms and the shopping cart function.

  • Affiliate Programs

  • Members of either platform are eligible for commissions when sharing the platform with potential members.

  • Provide tutorials and online training

  • Extensive tutorials and videos train members on the functions of each platform.

What Differences Exist between GrooveFunnels™ vs ClickFunnels™?

Major differences exist between these two companies as a funnel builder.

One of the biggest differences between these two platforms focuses on Pricing. GrooveFunnels™ Wins when you evaluate pricing! Only GrooveFunnels™ offers a robust Free version with 17 different applications available Free-for-Life.

ClickFunnels™ offers a 14-day free trial with a restricted basic paid version, which does not offer half of the functions available for free from GrooveFunnels™.

Let's explore the differences.

Differences Between GrooveFunnels™& ClickFunnels™ are as Follows:

  • Size and Scope

  • GrooveFunnels Wins! Groove provides many more online marketing features than ClickFunnels™ offers.

  • Video Hosting

  • GrooveFunnels Wins! GrooveVideo™ offers hosting and displaying videos. Clickfunnels does not offer video hosting.

  • Online Calendar Feature

  • GrooveFunnels Wins! GrooveCalendar™ offers an online calendar. ClickFunnels™ does not offer an online calendar.

  • Helpdesk

  • GrooveFunnels Wins! GrooveDesk™ supports members' customers, while ClickFunnels™ does not offer this tool.

  • SEO Features

  • Groove Funnels Wins! Groove pages load fast & rank high on Google searches. ClickFunnels™ cannot  compare.

  • Blog Hosting

  • GrooveFunnels Wins! GrooveBlog™ allows you to post original content.  Clickfunnels does not offer blogging. 

Who Wins & Why?

GrooveFunnels™ will prove itself to be the superior platform in the future and offers a strong clickfunnels alternative. Once it is out of the beta stage in 2021 and has all of its apps operational, no one can argue with the quality and marketing value found within GrooveFunnels™.

GroovePages™ and GrooveSell™ platforms load quickly on the web to rank websites high on Google keyword searches. Can you imagine finding your product or service ranking in the top 5 listings on a Google keyword search?

You will be glad you chose groove funnels as a clickfunnels alternative.  Plus, the affiliate program offered with the Free version of GrooveFunnels™ at 20% commissions on the first level outperforms ClickFunnels™ paid versions.

Click on the button below to take advantage of the FREE-for-LIFE version of GrooveFunnels™. You will not regret it!

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