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Why Choose Groove CRM as your Platform?

Three years ago, I decided I wanted to become a network marketer. It made sense to me to promote a company whose products I had used for many years. Never did I think for a minute that I might not succeed.

A year ago, I read Building a Story Brand, by Donald Miller. I realized I needed a Customer Relationship Management or CRM system. The list of online tools I needed to become a successful online marketer just kept growing.

Once I discovered GrooveFunnels™, I knew I had found the best CRM system available online. This Groove CRM system offered every software option I needed to be successful in becoming an online network marketer.

GrooveFunnels™ Free version cannot be beat, since it includes 17 apps. Get Started with GrooveFunnels™ Now!

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What is My Background in Creating Websites?

In 2006, I created a WordPress blog for my partner, a professional photographer. As a result, I knew how tedious it was to create a blog through WordPress. I knew I did not want to take the same path again.

Plus, I studied how to rank the blog and my partner’s website for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to attract traffic to these sites through keyword searches. After many hours of work, my partner had a blog and a website to promote his business.

Over the years, I used various online supports to manage websites, but I never created the site.  All these experiences led me to understand the expense and the time required to create and rank a web site.

Why GrooveFunnels™ Amazed Me?

My past experience with WordPress helped me avoid getting frustrated and discouraged about what I needed to do to succeed as an online network marketer. Luckily for me, I found the power of LinkedIn when I signed on to a mentoring and coaching program with Gloria MacDonald.

Through Gloria's program, I found a simple 4-step methodology to become a successful online marketer. Along the way, Gloria introduced me to GrooveFunnels™ and the groove crm system, which I found so useful compared to alternative choices.

Can you see how GrooveFunnels™ Free lifetime offer provides an all-in-one technology platform with all the tools needed to become a successful online marketer?

Why I Joined Groove™?

GrooveFunnels™ allows an online network marketer to easily create websites and sales funnels by sharing funnel builder secrets through this amazing groove crm system.

What Attracted Me?

By watching groove funnels tutorials online, I created this website to share the best groove digital marketing platform. If I can create a GrooveFunnels™ website, so can you!.

Why was Joining so Easy?

My experience in creating a WordPress blog over 10 years ago allowed me to see the power of GrooveFunnels™. Once I found GrooveFunnels™, I quickly signed up. See if you agree.

GrooveFunnels offers faster page speed to allow Groove pages to rank high in Google keyword searches.

Ease Of Ranking Sites 

Faster Page Speed: Groove Funnels loads 4 times faster than a WordPress page allowing groove web pages to rank higher on Google keyword searches than other platforms.

Groove crm offers groove academy for great e-learning tools to explain all the groove apps.

Great E-Learning Tools

Robust Tutorial Videos: GrooveFunnels™ offers you tutorials within groove academy to support mlm training with email campaigns, sales funnels, & websites.

Find funnel builder secrets through GrooveFunnels by accessing digital marketing for dummies on this amazing platform..

Good Use of Time & Effort

Fast and Quick Set-Up: Through GrooveFunnels™, digital marketers can design and upload a landing page in a matter of minutes to attract mlm marketing leads.

Why is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) so Important?

In today's world, a website must load quickly and be ranked high on Google keyword searches to attract mlm leads. Groove Funnels offers digital marketing for dummies, which ensures online network marketers can easily build their businesses.

By carefully selecting keywords for a site, the website optimizes its position and builds authority on Google's search engine.  SEO strategies attract traffic to a website without paid ads. Many groove crm users are amazed at how quickly pages rank on Google searches.

Are you ready to apply SEO strategies to your web sites and sales funnels?

Why are Groove™ Templates so Helpful?

Learning to build funnels, websites, and pages through groove crm is not difficult. It just takes time.  Plus, you can copy and paste code from other sites into Groove™, which allows you to use templates from other sources.

Groove Funnels provides a large assortment of templates ready to provide funnel builder secrets to access groove digital marketing strategies. These templates are professional and offer you drag-and-drop elements to customize any of the elements within the templates.

Are you ready to see how easy it is to add action buttons, testimonials, images, and much more to a web page?

Why is Groove's Affiliate Program so Attractive?

The Free version of GrooveFunnels™ offers you a 20% commission on all first-level sales. You also receive a 10% commission on all second-level sales.

It is very unusual to have a Free version of a product offer an affiliate program. You can receive monthly commissions when people join with a paid monthly plan.

This commission increases to 40% on first-level sales and 20% on second-level sales when you choose to sign on to the Platinum version with GrooveFunnels one-time, lifetime pricing for the top-level plan.

What was my Main Reason for Joining GrooveFunnels™?

From my perspective, GrooveFunnels™ is a game changer by offering digital marketing for dummies for any online marketer whether seasoned or new to the game.

Instead of having to search for the best software platform for every tool you need to succeed at online marketing, you can get everything you need through one company, Groove™. Knowing I needed so many software applications so I could function as an online marketer, GrooveFunnels™ was a no-brainer for me.

I signed up for the Platinum version as soon as I heard about it. How could anyone go wrong by signing up for the Free version of GrooveFunnels™ HERE ?

What does the Free Version Offer?

The 17 groove apps offered with the Free version of GrooveFunnels™ are over the top. GroovePages™ in the Free version offers you 3 websites with unlimited sales pages and landing pages.

Driving traffic to your website becomes easy with groove digital marketing strategies once you have your keywords in place and your site established and operational.  No need to pay for advertising, but you still generate sales.

Are you ready to take the plunge and sign up HERE for the Free version of GrooveFunnels™.?

Why did I Believe GrooveFunnels™ would Allow me to Succeed as an Online Marketer?

GrooveFunnels™ lets the digital marketer, online marketer, and network marketer create amazing websites and funnels on their own without professional freelance support.

Groove™ offers funnel builder secrets and operates as digital marketing for dummies, so anyone can succeed at mastering SEO.  SEO strategies applied to GrooveFunnels™ pages create the perfect sales formula.

Are you ready to have Groove Funnels websites rank better, drive traffic to your site, and help you convert prospects to customers to increase sales and minimize your efforts once you understand how the platform works?

What to Do Now?

If you click on this link Here and sign up under me, I will support you to maximize GrooveFunnels™ within your business. As a member of my team, I can connect you with the various supports available to you within our online marketing community overseen by Gloria MacDonald.

This online community focuses on supporting online and network marketers with a focus on how to use groove funnels to enhance our efforts.

If you decide you join with the Free version, you will receive access to 3 videos on how to use GrooveMail™ as an email autoresponder and GroovePages™ to build pages and funnels on the web. Don't hesitate! Click on the button below and get your Free version of GrooveFunnels™!

The Groove CRM system is worth joining to get all of the Funnel Builder Secrets you need to succeed as an online marketer or digital marketer. Get started now with GrooveFunnels™!

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